Price of a pint of beer: Paris is the third most expensive capital in Europe

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You have to pay an average of 7 euros for a pint in Paris, much more than in Eastern Europe…

If you want to drink cheap beer, it’s better to go to the Czech Republic than to Sweden. Everyone knew this, but did you know that Paris is just behind the Scandinavian capitals in terms of beer prices?

A recent study by the Numbeo website reveals that you have to spend an average of 7 euros in Paris to buy a pint of national-brand classic beer. Even London, where life is very expensive, serves cheaper pints in its many pubs.

Before us Copenhagen where a beer costs an average of 7.4 euros and Helskinki where a pint costs 8 euros. Conversely, for a cheap toast, choose Budapest (2.1 euros), Prague (2.3 euros), Lisbon (2.5 euros), Madrid (3 euros), Warsaw (3.1 euros) or Berlin (4 euros).

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