Power outage in Toulouse: the CGT claims the act, affected 30 thousand users in the city center

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Electricity was cut in central Toulouse at around 12.15pm on Tuesday 14 March. A voluntary cut like the one claimed on Thursday by the CGT as part of the movement against the pension reform in Blagnac and Beauzelle. Enedis, which restored power at 1.20pm, estimates the number of affected customers at 30,000.

After the cut which affected 8,000 users last Thursday in Blagnac and Beauzelle, in particular at Toulouse-Blagnac airport, a new “blackout” was observed on Tuesday morning, around 12:10, in the city center of Toulouse . Les Carmes, le Capitole, les Demoiselles… Enedis, who we contacted, confirmed the power outage and estimated the number of customers affected at 30,000.

For its part, the CGT, also solicited, claims the cut and claims that it wanted to target the prefecture. “During the general assemblies which took place this Tuesday morning in the agencies of Midi-Pyrénées, the stiffening of the movement was voted”, anticipates Thomas Bozonnet, regional coordinator of the Federation of Mines and Energy of the CGT. In addition, an Enedis site in Toulouse has been busy for a few days, intended for network maintenance.

Interruption carried out by the origin substation of Île du Ramier

At 12:55 there were still 15,000 users without electricity, according to Enedis. At Carmes the recovery was noticed at 13:00. Enedis reports that he has restored all his customers at 1.20pm.

Enedis noted that the outage had been made by the originating substation on Ramier Island. “It is most likely a malicious act”, we indicate to the management of Enedis who intend to file a complaint.

The federation of mines and energy of the CGT carries out, on the scale of the hexagon, power cuts in the context of the dispute over the pension reform project.

The tram partially stopped

Toulouse tram lines T1 and T2 are partially interrupted. Here are the unserved stations:
Palace of Justice Directorate (T1 and T2)

  • Deodat of Severac
  • stone cross
  • Avenue Muret Marcel Cavaillé
  • Horseshoe
  • Ramier Island
  • Court:

Direction MEETT (line T1) and direction Airport (line T2)

  • court
  • Ramier Island
  • Horseshoe
  • Avenue Muret Marcel Cavaillé

In the direction of the Palais de Justice, the T1 and T2 tram lines are interrupted by the Arènes station. In the direction of MEETT (line T1) or Airport (line T2) the service remains provided from the Croix de Pierre station.

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