Power outage in the center of Toulouse: what impact for patients and hospitals?

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Did the voluntary power cut on 14 March in the center of Toulouse have an impact on healthcare facilities and patients at home?

A voluntary power outage, claimed by the CGT, occurred in the center of Toulouse on Tuesday 14 March at around 12.15pm. Enedis restored power by 1.20pm and estimates the number of affected customers at 30,000.

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Did this outage, which lasted between 30 minutes and an hour, impact healthcare facilities? This Tuesday, March 14, the Regional Health Agency (ARS Occitanie) indicates that it has not been informed of the difficulties encountered by the clinics and hospitals in the center of Toulouse, which have dedicated protocols to deal with power outages and are equipped with a generator-type backup system.

At the University Hospital Center (CHU) in Toulouse, the cut affected the Hôtel-Dieu for approximately fifteen minutes. Minimal impact was noted in the dental department: two dental treatments were affected by the cut, forcing dentists to complete their operations using poultices if they could not use the suction system.

Regarding home care, ARS Occitanie has identified 45 patients in the Haute-Garonne, including 10 in the Toulouse area, whose electric cuts or load shedding can have a vital impact. These can be patients with artificial respirator or children with parenteral nutrition. These identified persons benefit from priority information if the reduction of the electrical load is planned. If a sudden cut is observed, they have a telephone number dedicated to the Enedis operator to find out the probable duration of the cut and allow them (or those around them) to organize themselves.

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