Pierre-Olivier Nau, president of Medef 31: “Why I support Patrick Martin”

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While the election to the presidency of Medef takes place until July 6, Pierre-Olivier Nau, president of Medef 31 confirms his support for Patrick Martin who faces Dominique Carlac’h.

Why support Patrick Martin today in the race for the presidency of Medef?

I was waiting to know all the validated applications and wanted to check how the topics that are close to my heart were taken into consideration: climate transition, social issues and tourism.

How is Patrick Martin different on these topics?

On the climate transition he clearly wants to support SMEs and rightly asks for the support of the State and Europe to finance the 30-40 billion a year that this revolution requires from companies by 2030. Social subjects I appreciated that you were in favor of sharing value for engage employees more in the fruits of growth. He is fighting for the joint agreement on this issue to be transcribed as it stands in parliament. I also appreciate your proposal to better involve elected representatives of the CSEs in corporate strategy, as well as your desire to reform vocational high schools.

Will the government’s reindustrialization plan be effective?

The green industry bill is a step in the right direction with a tax credit that will help absorb the additional costs of climate change that I mentioned earlier. Directing savings towards low-carbon projects and supporting employee share ownership makes it possible to bring together favorable conditions for the sector, which requires a long lead time. In this regard, I am also in favor of launching a “Choose Toulouse” to attract new establishments.

The construction sector fears a closure of the sector. What do you propose ?

Eight months have passed since we were the only ones at Medef to sound the alarm about the risks affecting the construction sector. Mayors fearing the effect of zero net artificialisation (ZAN) are not issuing enough permits as interest rates have skyrocketed. The proposals of the federation of real estate developers with immediate aid, in particular fiscal, to relaunch sales and construction seem relevant to me.

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