Petrol prices: Prices slowly fall in France, in Pas-de-la-Case diesel costs less than 1.30 euros

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At their highest a few weeks ago, fuel prices are slowly declining. In Andorra, a much less taxed country than France, the price of a full tank of petrol remains ultra-competitive.

We’ve all seen it when refueling: fuel prices have been declining slightly for several weeks. Average prices across France were €1,897 for SP 98; €1,861 for SP95; 1,844 euros for the SP 95-E10 and 1,685 euros for diesel, on Thursday, May 18, 2023, according to statements from the website.

Less than €1.20 per liter of diesel

In the Principality of Andorra, prices have absolutely nothing to do with this Friday: 1,460 euros for the SP98; 1,400 euros for the SP95-E5 and 1,266 euros for diesel, at the Gasopas service station in Pas-de-la-Case, the first after crossing the border with its forty pumps. Earlier in the week, a liter of diesel was even exposed to €1,199 at a station in Andorra la Vella, according to a snapshot posted by a motorist in an Andorra Facebook group.

Lower the VAT in Andorra

A price difference that can be explained by the high level of petrol taxes in France. They represent about 60% of pump prices, mainly VAT and TICPE (tax on domestic consumption of energy products). In Andorra, the VAT bearing the name of IGI is just 4.5%.

Slow decline in prices in France

Today the price of a barrel of oil has returned to its pre-crisis level. Brent oil prices were $76.50 Thursday night versus over $120 a year ago. This is why the prices of a full tank of petrol are going down in Europe. More slowly in France where the blockages of the refineries due to the protest against the pension reform seem to have affected costs.

On May 9, Energy Transition Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher asked distributors that fuel prices “fall faster” and reflect “as closely as possible” the decline in international oil prices. That’s not the case yet…

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