People and proximity at the heart of the entrepreneurial project

For the first time, the Septuors ceremony takes place on the soil of the Tarn-et-Garonnaise. Entrepreneurial successes and know-how are numerous in this area of ​​northern Occitania. For this 2023 edition, a particular look was paid to companies that innovate, to entrepreneurs who create value in the area, to project leaders who enhance the department and to those who broadcast. Thus, in the midst of the Coup de Coeur awards, new categories are emerging: CSR, Made In…, Young Startups and again the Industry, Commerce or Tourism Awards.

A new award is also making its debut: Company of the Year, which will be voted live by the audience in the room.

No less than thirty companies have been pre-selected by a jury of experts. As for this, surrounded by many partners such as the Occitanie Region, CD 82, CCI 82, ADT 82, Groupe Séché, Cerfrance, Prévifrance, FDAC, Viasat Connect, Up My Card and Octogone Fiber, the final ceremony which will reveal the winners , it will be held on May 25 at the Tarn-et-Garonne departmental council, to be found in rerun the following day on the Septuors Youtube channel.


Stéphane Penlae, CEO of Viasat Connect

“Viasat Connect France is an SME with 40 employees based in Montauban. We are one of the main telematics players in France and a French subsidiary of the Targa group, world leader in the sector. Specializing in the field of vehicle and machine fleet management, the company offers SAAS solutions in the form of a web interface and mobile applications that enable businesses and local authorities to stay in touch with their mobile assets. That is to say, checking and securing in real time vehicles, materials, machines but also personnel who are travelling, on missions or on construction sites.

People and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our concerns and we focus all our efforts on building strong ties with our partners. Values ​​such as proximity, excellence with the customer and respect for commitments are upheld on a daily basis by our teams.

The Coup Cœur Viasat Connect France award reflects the company’s commitment to the economic and social development of the Department and the Region. Proximity and people, in fact, are two fundamental elements for the success of our territory and its development. For this reason, the company wanted to award this Trophy to Montalbanaise Novapage, and more particularly to its founder, Philippe Gorse. Novapage is a dynamic company which supports the economic, social and associative development of the Department and which promotes, like Viasat Connect France, very beautiful, extremely unifying values… »

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The selected company

Novapage, an IT leader that continues to grow

Company created 30 years ago by Philipe Gorse, Novapage specializes in IT: printing systems, computer security, document dematerialization, document management, telephony, development of applications and websites (showcase and merchant). Composed of an experienced team of developers, designers, technicians, network engineers and telephony engineers, the family group is based on two sites in Montauban and Toulouse with an influence throughout Occitania but also nationally with PMI, VSE , industries and professions. “Our true added value is based on experience, knowledge of the market and of each of the trades as fully as possible, with engineers behind each of them, also ensuring a real proximity with our customers. 80% Occitan” sums up Philippe Gorse. Novapage is now at a new turning point in its existence and has just expanded its headquarters in Montauban with 700 m2 totally dedicated to IT to become a one stop shop as a digital architect to be able to meet all the needs of its customers. At the same time, the company is strongly committed to an eco-responsible approach. “We are taking our own action on this matter and have implemented a number of actions in favor of our employees’ well-being at work and job performance in general to improve everyday life and keep our employees as do others do you want to join us,” he says.

Philip Gorse

Philip Gorse
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