Onet-le-Chateau. A look at the success of 2 entrepreneurs supported by the chamber of commerce

On the sidelines of the first territorial conference of the mandate of the president of the Chamber of Trades of Aveyron Pierre Azemar, which took place in recent days at the Athyrium (read our edition of 11 March), in the presence of the prefect Charles Giusti and many guests and elected officials, we thought it appropriate to take a look at two of the speakers at the first roundtable ‘Crafts and Entrepreneurship, the road to success’: Léticia Ledamba and Romain Boudou.

Two very different professional paths, but which have the same point in common, that of having been accompanied by the chamber of commerce.

He fixed everything

For the one who fixed everything that went wrong in her native Congo-Brazzaville and who was a national football team, it is an incredible journey that we can highlight, guided by her will, her know-how, her know-how and the support of the Chamber of Commerce, both in its internships and in the creation and financing of its company “Stone Tech”, in Compolibat. Which earned Léticia Ledamba, among other things, the regional prize for women’s trades.

It’s a childhood dream that I fulfilled by becoming an electrician and specializing in fiber optics. I know what I want and I give myself heart and soul: my father didn’t help me. I’ve always worked with guys, but I got there and my business is doing well. I have employees and markets and above all I still have many projects in mind, such as creating a company where most of the employees will be women…”.

The passion for cars

As for Romain Boudou, he began his apprenticeship at the age of 16 with the man who continues to inspire and follow him with his passion and know-how in the automotive world. The one who also worked in aeronautics and buses took the plunge in 2010, settling down as a coachbuilder in Lioujas.

Since then, I have trained six apprentices myself, some of whom are now my employees. The support of the chamber of commerce was an opportunity for me, to allow me to have my own business and I want to continue passing on what I myself have received: it takes patience, self-control, pedagogy, without neglecting the human factor and this is precisely what what did I benefit from when I was myself an apprentice…”.

Two paths of excellence, such as the Aveyron Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

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