“One of the best apprentices in France”: in Ariège, five youngsters obtain a regional gold medal

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In Ariège, the regional evaluations of the competition “one of the best apprentices in France” concluded on Wednesday May 17, 2023 at the vocational training center. Thanks to their excellent results, five young people will represent the department of Nice, for the national evaluations.

Medals galore. This Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the results of the competition “one of the best apprentices in France” were unveiled in Ariège, on the occasion of the closing of the evaluations at the regional level.

About twenty candidates enrolled in the vocational training center (Foix), the Pyrène high school (Pamiers) or even the Jean-Durroux professional high school (Ferrières-sur-Ariège) took part in the department.

Some, like hairdressing students, took the test during the day. For others, it took more than 200 man hours. In total, eight disciplines were corrected by demanding professional juries.

“Really promising!”

On Wednesday, at the end of the afternoon, a delegation came to observe the various works produced by the young people. It was led in particular by Joseph Calvi, president of the chamber of trades and crafts of Ariège and Occitania, Jean-Baptiste Morinaud, sub-prefect of Pamiers, but also Fabien Guichou and Jean-François Gavelle, deputy mayor of Foix.

Between two conquests of apprentices, the sub-prefect had a word for these trades which represent “somewhere the future of the country”.

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Observing various productions with his keen eye, such as that of a mason in training, Joseph Calvi underlined “a work of the highest quality”: “In less than two years of work, reaching such a level is really promising!” And add: “We see young people who are successful and who have not finished being successful in the artisan trades”.

25 medals issued

The competition “one of the best apprentices of France” is organized by the national society of the best workers of France. At the end of the afternoon several medals were distributed, both at the departmental and regional level. To be selected for the finals, candidates were required to receive a regional gold medal.

Finally, 25 medals were distributed by Christophe Polenska, in charge of the competition, in front of families and young workers, who then left the pressure of the result behind them.

But above all, the best regional recognition was obtained by five apprentices: Clément (body paint), Md Amdadul (electrician), Fousseyni (heater installer), Boubacar (heater installer) and Dorian (galvanizer).

They will have the opportunity to represent Ariège in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), on 23 June, for the national evaluations.

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