Netflix: no more account sharing? Faced with the tightening of rules, another pooling site could benefit

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You will now need to pay so that people outside the household can enjoy a Netflix Premium account subscription. However, there is a platform to connect interested users more easily, in order to save money.

As announced several months ago, Netflix has formalized the tightening of its account sharing rules. French users, but also Americans, as well as a hundred other countries around the world, will now have to pay a supplement to share their access codes to the service with people who are not part of their household. A decision taken by the platform after months of reflection, as part of its strategy to diversify its income.

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The formula has already been tested recently in Latin America and Canada, and has convinced the company, a pioneer in streaming subscriptions, to generalize the practice worldwide, even if this initially means losing subscribers.

Because the bill will necessarily increase for users, at least for those who have paid for a single subscription for several people residing in different households. So that other users can now benefit from a Netflix account, whether it is Premium (€ 17.99/month), Standard (€ 13.49/month) or Essential with (€ 5.99/month) or ad-free (€ 8.99/month). 99), the French subscriber will have to pay €5.99 per additional month.


If you let your children, parents or other relatives benefit from your subscription, the accounts are obviously no longer the same. But still, there is a platform for saving on your subscriptions by sharing them. This website is called Spliiit and it connects subscribers who want to share their subscriptions, be it streaming platforms, music, video games or any other theme. It was already possible to share your Netflix Premium subscription on this platform, but the maneuver seemed to take advantage of the “grey area” offered by the streaming giant.

“From now on, things are clear and for us it validates our model,” rejoices Guillaume Lochard, co-founder of Spliiit. “The bad news is that whatever we do, it will cost more for those who want to subscribe to Netflix, given that until now, when dividing a Premium subscription into four, users only paid €5.08 a month via our platform. the novelty, however, is that there will no longer be sharing of identifiers, everyone will have their own access, and we still continue to save money by switching from Spliiit, since you will only have to pay € 10.84 per month for Premium access, compared to almost €18 if you subscribe alone”.

More and more users

The site, created in 2019 by three French entrepreneurs, “continues to convince more and more users given that today we have more than 147,000 active co-registrations and 780,000 people registered (compared to 500,000 in July 2022, ed), and remains without commitment, therefore our users have installed us as a trusted intermediary”, welcomes Guillaume Lochard, “even if it is still marginal compared to the sharing potential”.

But who knows? With this new situation caused by Netflix, which still weighs heavily on Spliiit’s accounts (about 10% of co-subscriptions last August), “even if this share continues to decrease because subscription sharing offers are multiplying”, the French could let themselves go more and more convinced…

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