Najac and its fortress for a journey through time

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Throughout the summer, the village of Najac experiences an influx of visitors who come to see its famous castle, but also the surrounding villages which are just as remarkable.

The prospectus of the castle invites the traveler to sink into the alleys to arrive at the foot of the imposing building which dominates the surroundings. Under the oppressive heat, before leaving, visitors can stop at the Barry’s Oustal where they will find chef Rémy Simon concocting a contemporary and constantly evolving cuisine which he decorates with products from his garden, grown a few meters below.

But Rémy Simon was above all president of the tourist office for more than ten years and it has been twenty-five years since he settled in Najac.

He therefore knows the country, its history and its inhabitants in depth. And the summer period is for the restaurateur a peak of activity that animates the area. Many French but also English and Dutch tourists will come to mark the season “especially between July 15th and August 15th”, explains Rémy Simon. And then, there will be the festival in bastides which will enliven the place of Sol del Barry, and the streets. “The Sunday morning market always attracts many peoplecontinues the restaurateur. We have many local producers who come to offer their products. He’s very famous.”

Naturally, many come for its famous castle. The royal fortress (12th-13th century) is an outstanding example of military defence. This castle was actively involved in the fights against the Cathars and in the Hundred Years War. And his dungeon served as a prison for the last Templars of Rouergue. The dungeon houses loopholes of 6.80 m, unique in the world. Halfway up, the Gothic chapel, with innumerable signs of companions, hides the secret passage of the last refuge of the governors, before accessing the grandiose panorama over the city of Najac

Towns and villages around

Najac can also count on its numerous associations, “very dynamic who are in their thirties, in all sectors”completes Rémy Simon. The village also welcomes passing tourists who can be accommodated in the Oustal del Barry or in the campsite located on the banks of the Aveyron. There they can enjoy the swimming pool, the VVF village, the walks which allow them to discover the surroundings, nature, but also the surrounding towns and villages: Cordes-sur-Ciel, Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Bor-et-Bar…

“It’s a different clientele, but who like to come and enjoy Najac and what the village has to offer just as much”smiles the chef of the Oustal del Barry.

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