Meetings between the Department, Sesta and employees to find an agreement

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On Monday, July 17, Sesta employees went on strike and largely disrupted the operation of tourist sites in Ariège. The Department, Sixth management and a group of employees sat around a table and recorded future meetings to find a solution.

After a first day of strike this Monday July 17, the employees of the Sixth (Ariège tourist site management service), responsible for nine tourist sites in Ariège, were received at the Hôtel du Département by the president Christine Téqui, president of the Sixth, Raymond Berdou, and the director of the Sixth, Laurent Subra.

In total, about thirty employees were able to exchange with the managers of tourist sites to negotiate to obtain the 300 euros net per month that the strikers are demanding. Initially, Christine Téqui outlined the operational structure of the Sesta, recalling that it adheres to the National Collective Convention for Leisure and Amusement Parks, which is an industrial and commercial public service and which is required to independently balance its budget.

Two next meetings

During the exchanges, the strikers were able to ask for the desired increase but this was not accepted by the Department and the management of the Sixth. “In the face of our demands and our determination, we have been offered to work together, this Thursday 20 July, on an increase budget that will overlap with that of our collective agreement”, comments a trade unionist from the CGT Sesta.

Another meeting, on July 24, was also held on the terms of application of the salary increase. “Based on the outcome of these negotiations, we will decide whether to renew actions like the one at the beginning of the week”.

The parties will therefore meet twice in a few days in the hope of finding a solution to put an end to the conflict between the management and the employees of the Sixth, while the summer season is in full swing in Ariège. In the press release, the Department undertakes, once the agreement is reached, “to implement it as soon as possible”.

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