Mazerolles-du-Razes. Pax et amor: a charming guesthouse

Arriving in the region in 2019, Jacob was thrilled with an old winery and its chai located in the village. A ruin, but the breathtaking view of the Pyrenees and an area that offered various possibilities (more than 600m² of land) gave him the courage to get to work.

It took six years of work to redo everything from floor to ceiling. I transformed everything myself but keeping the authentic character of the old building, it must date from the Revolution because I found old stones from the castle of Mazerolles .

Jacob made the choice of a completely energy self-sufficient building : solar panels with storage capacity provide electricity, heating and air conditioning. Next year the swimming pool will be ready, they will work on it all winter.

Today this charming house has two large and luxurious bedrooms, a huge terrace and vast convivial spaces capable of welcoming passing guests in search of tranquillity, nature and gastronomy.

Of Dutch descent, Jacob ran a café-restaurant in the Netherlands. He knows the business and lovingly prepares gourmet meals with fresh, local produce. He also has chickens, a vegetable garden and an orchard and is served only by local organic producers. i want to please, declares, offer a quality culinary experience adapted to the diets of each one .

Eefje, his partner, a young woman of 29, who came to spend a week off, never left. I have found love and I like everything here : calm, nature and also people, they are warm and open . Jacob and Eefje quickly integrated into village life. We feel good here, life is stress free, we invite each other easily, we communicate well. It’s simple here, we take the time to hang out with family and friends, unlike in the Netherlands where we mainly think about business; and above all the taste of the tomatoes is not the same they say laughing.

The pension is called Pax et amor. It says what we want to give and share : warmth, tranquility and nature Jacob says.

Reservations and information :09 77 73 06 57.

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