Mazamet. A project for the La Lauze stadiums?

During the meeting of the district of Négrin, one of the many questions from the participants concerned the stadiums of La Lauze. “We said that there was a project by a company to settle in the SCM training stadiums in La Lauze. It is said that this project has been rejected by the municipality. ?”

The mayor recalled in his reply that the La Lauze stadiums are rugby fields and that, for the time being, they are still rugby fields. “But we must not forget that in front of us there is a large company called Menguy’s which has a very large development, which works very well today and which may need to expand in a few years. Since we do not have much land to offer, we often have hinted that if they were to expand one day, it might be necessary to sacrifice a rugby pitch for an expansion of Menguy’s.” And the mayor concludes: “We will then have to be able to recreate training fields, especially those we have in Lapeyrouse and set up changing rooms”. Olivier Fabre stressed in conclusion that “the question was not topical and that he had not rejected any project on this land of La Lauze since he had not been seized by any request”.

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