Massive sale of bars and restaurants in Cahors, victims of inflation

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Bars and restaurants are closing one after another in the center of Cahors. Managers can no longer cope with rising costs and falling consumption. Overview.

It’s carnage. In rue Clément Marot alone, three shops are for sale. A “For Sale” sign is posted on the front door of Tiger Milk, which has been closed for several months. At the Lili Bowl, Julie Giverne, the manager, didn’t put up a sign. But her restaurant is up for sale. Several explanations for this: “I wanted to raise awareness of healthier and more respectful eating. But, if I hired one more employee, it was no longer profitable for me. And, without anyone else, I could not carry out this mission” . And then, above all, the cash problems since the beginning of the last school year and inflation. “It’s complicated, I can no longer cover my expenses, since last summer I noticed a sharp drop in attendance. Customers always come, with a smile, but they come much less often”, she regrets.

The vegetarian restaurant will certainly have had an atypical life. Work during confinement, an opening for deconfinement, in 2020, a punctuated activity during Covid, health pass etc. “Since September my turnover has been decreasing month by month, while up until now it has been steadily increasing”, underlines the restaurateur. He has chosen not to touch his prices, “lest customers consume even less”. He even offered low-priced dishes by designing a nine-euro galette. Nothing worked. So that’s it. Last December, Julie Giverne had to decide to put her business up for sale. A heartthrob.

130 euros of Urssaf contributions per month, the Covid balance

Because the Urssaf contributions from which the state was exempt during Covid came knocking on the door: today, you have to pay them and at the calendar level, it is blocked. “In full inflation, it’s an added burden, a poisoned gift,” she whispers. 130 euros per month to be paid until 2024. A cursed budget. His business has not yet found a buyer. The boss intends to continue cooking while providing food service “so that the mourning is not too heavy to bear”. He hopes to be able to sell before the end of June. Then, “continue to exist in the Cadurcian panorama”.

The case of Julie Giverne is far from isolated. Last February, the restaurant Le Marché place Chapou had to decide to lower the curtain, which was also a victim of inflation. In Regourd, the Asian restaurant Antai wok has also closed its curtain. A well-known bar is also on borrowing time: an advert announcing the sale was posted this weekend before being pulled. A sad law of the series.

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