Loures Barousse. Bar, wellness and music at the Graff

After a long period of closure, the bar “Le Graff” at 26 rue Nationale in Loures-Barousse reopened its doors a good month ago, after some minor renovations before relaunching this local business. Laetitia Dulong has taken over the family business that her father Serge started 40 years ago this year! An anniversary date that the manager will mark also in the month of July, with a day full of events. For now and as she originally planned, she runs the bar every day from 10:00 (except Mondays) until around 21:00.

But not only because it has set up a space dedicated to a second-hand shop, just as it has reserved a space for future “wellness” sessions.

In the coming weeks, an entire program will slowly be implemented with speakers of tai-chi-chuan, sophrology, foot reflexology, massages, energy treatments and yoga. “From June there will be concerts on Sunday afternoons,” says Laetitia Dulong, whose challenge is to manage her business, of course, but also to make it a real place for exchange and sharing, a place where people love to meet and linger around discussions and different and varied topics such as that of the climate, for example. This place where you combine bars, wellness and clothing, three activities for which professional experience exists. Knowing the dealer will think about how to offer a restoration.

Contact: 06 27 34 62 96.

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