Lourdes: Package of services, concierge and support for real estate projects… The innovative concept of CR Project

the essential
Rodolfo and Camila Almas are the heads of CR Project. An innovative company, at the crossroads of several professions. And who grows!

Parents, janitors, nurse and boxer for her, entrepreneurs and real estate consultants… During the day, Rodolfo and Camila Almas, husband and wife, took turns wearing many hats. Camila smiles: “We have a life full of emotions!”

And also something to be proud of: since its launch, the CR Project company has only grown. It all started seven years ago. Rodolfo hasn’t met Camila yet and buys a 70m2 apartment. He laughs: “It was in terrible shape, on the fourth floor without an elevator, with heavy loads… Everything that shouldn’t have been done! It was a good school”.

Seven years later, the couple is now the owner of ten apartments… Rodolfo Almas insists: «It’s proof that it’s not what you have that counts, but what you do with it. We both won a Smic and counted the coins to invest. Hence his farewell to tobacco…

Wellness area, barbecue and playground

Because the couple is developing an innovative concept. If they themselves invest, they also offer to support other investors as if the property were their own. Their first client saw his turnover double last year and increase again this year…

A success that the duo owes to several things. On the one hand, the respective experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. Having passed all the assignments of the seasons in Lourdes, the couple, originally from Portugal, have a nice insight into what customers need. Because if they started with year-round rentals, now they’re turning to Airbnb.

This is how when they bought the Serenity residence, they “increased turnover with little investment, bringing added value”. Within this residence, a waste room, a wellness area, a barbecue, a playground, a left-luggage office have been created… Everything the tourist or pilgrim may need.

Network operation

They network their homes. All of their clients have access to the Wi-Fi networks of each of the residences. But I also intend to offer them more and more services. They have just opened a launderette on Rue Basse, with vending machines available. They will be offering rental cars soon.

Although seven years have passed, the adventure has only just begun. Covid was their accelerator: Rodolfo passed his managerial high school diploma; they re-insulated an Airbnb home; acquired a storage room; renovated two apartments in rue Basse; cleaned one of their apartments in Lannedarré. And he makes a pretty little girl…

Rodolfo is now taking his real estate management license and Camila is also thinking about training. Rodolfo Almas concludes: “The market is never saturated when you have a good product!”

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