Lourdes: Mother and daughter open their shop-workshop in rue du Bourg

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Rose-Marie and Aurélie Barroy, mother and daughter, open their shop-workshop on rue du Bourg in Lourdes. A place where the know-how of the Pyrenees will be valued.

Little by little, the shop is filled with paintings of pebbles, sweets, colorful jewels, but also pretty clutches or hand-stitched bags or even knitted crosses… Rose-Marie and Aurélie Barroy, mother and daughter, have just opened their shop-workshop, at 70, rue du Bourg, in Lourdes.

Both already exhibit at Art des Pyrénées, which brings together creators from Lourdes and the Hautes-Pyrénées, rue de la Halle. “It works really well, but we haven’t touched the tourists too much,” notes Aurélie.

So the idea of ​​a shop located along the pilgrim route was whirling in their heads. A week ago they started work and opened this Tuesday.

Rose-Marie in crochet, wool and wood, her daughter in sewing

In this bright and well-organized space, it will be possible to find some of the creators of Pyrenean art. But they also intend to advertise the work of other colleagues.

Of course, they also appreciate their creations. Both immersed in a manual universe. Rose-Marie, who works with crochet, but also with wool and wood, helped her father as a child. Her husband is a craftsman, her son a carpenter … Woodworking was essential. She produces laser engravings and objects, such as candle holders, which she digs by hand.

Other creations, birth clouds, which you personalize with your name. Sure, crocheted crosses, capable of inspiring the believer.

Custom wedding dresses

As for Aurélie, she has been self-employed for four years. A seamstress at home, she goes to clients to make alterations and even makes bespoke wedding dresses upon request. Having passed by the increase in petrol, you also see in this shop the means to welcome your loyal customers. Even if she won’t leave the homes of the elderly or the disabled.

This shop is also the laboratory where he can give free rein to his creativity. Pouches, bags, bibs, imagine clothes and accessories according to the inspiration of the moment.

As for family work… That doesn’t scare these nice ladies. Her mother smiles: “We already had a business a few years ago. A hardware store and pharmacy in Tournay, which we closed in 2015 because there was too much work to do”. She concludes: “When we are in business, it does not leave us!”

A lease signed for the season, but which they hope to at least renew next year, if not open during the winter season as well.

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