Lourdes-London flights: beware of strikes in England

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Since this Thursday 16 March the rail transport unions in England have been on strike for several days. Passengers departing from Sud de France Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées airport have every interest in taking their precautions.

The Stansted Express, the railway company that provides the connection between Stansted airport and central London, has sent an email to its subscribers: due to a strike movement involving English railway transport companies from this Thursday 16 March, the timetables for the shuttles between the capital’s furthest airport and central London will be disrupted.

What are the consequences for passengers departing from Sud de France Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées airport? Little at first. Except that… Until March 24 there are only two rotations left between the capitals of Bigorre and perfidious Albion: Monday and Friday. Relief: The arrival and departure times of the shuttles are not part of the suspension of service due to the strike: the service is only active between 7:00 and 19:00 (local time) on this Thursday 16 March. With an “expected” arrival of 5.35pm and the border crossing time imposed on the UK which can take some time since its withdrawal from the EU, it will likely be necessary to plan for an additional taxi or car hire (right-hand drive and drive on the left), at the price of the plane ticket…

The problem will probably not be easier to solve on the last day of the strike filed, i.e. Saturday 1um April 2023. Of course, Stansted Express specifies that there will be no more interruptions except between 7am and 11pm (local time). But the company is quick to warn its subscribers: many choose the Stansted airport frequented by low cost airlines. But few live in the heart of the capital during their stay. Even many (including the subjects of King Charles who settled in France), choose the TLP platform as a base from which to visit their families.

In addition, the company in charge of the Stansted to London shuttles prefers to warn: “Note that other British rail services will also be affected by the strikes on these four dates”. And to invite a ‘check before you travel’ on the Stansted Express website.

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