Lotto: Minister Delegate Olivier Becht visits Bagnac-sur-Célé on Tuesday

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In midsummer, the municipality of Bagnac-sur-Célé in Grand Figeac is preparing to receive this Tuesday July 25 Olivier Becht, delegate minister to the minister for Europe and foreign affairs, in charge of foreign trade, attractiveness and the French living abroad. The Alsatian deputy planned to visit the Cantaveylot dairy cooperative and the Matière company, as well as a farm in Viazac.

The news has been circulating in Figeacois since Monday morning: a ministerial visit to Bagnac-sur-Célé is being prepared. In the heart of summer, the surprise is great for the commune of 1500 inhabitants located 15km from Figeac, on the edge of the Cantal department. On Monday morning, Fausto Araqué, deputy mayor and vice president of Grand Figeac confirmed the information after receiving representatives of the prefecture and the gendarmerie visiting to identify the stages of this trip.

In the government of Elisabeth Borne since July 2022, Olivier Becht, Alsatian MP and member of Agir is Minister Delegate to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of foreign trade, attractiveness and French people living abroad. It is scheduled this Tuesday July 25 to discover several important economic centers of Bagnac. In the morning, a visit to the Cantaveylot dairy cooperative is planned, followed by a trip to the nearby town of Viazac for a presentation of the Lafragette farm before discovering the Matière company.

“It is a form of recognition for the work that is done in this important municipality which is not always recognized at its true value” underlines Fausto Araqué. The former mayor, a tireless defender of his territory, does not hide his satisfaction at having welcomed a minister and thus seeing Bagnac in the spotlight. “I’m delighted, it’s an event!”

In a press release, the ministry indicates that “through this trip, the delegate minister will highlight the crucial role of the dairy sector in the French agricultural economy and its important contribution to exports, with 42% of the annual French production exported, making it an important player in the influence of French know-how. Olivier Becht will visit the CantAveyLot dairy cooperative in Bagnac-sur-Célé, fully committed to promoting dairy production local, with the support of
territorial communities. Then, it will go to Viazac’s GAEC Scaumels, a cooperative model combining agriculture and energy production, which is an excellent example of the diversity and resilience of the dairy industry. The Minister will then go to meet the managers of the Matière family company, specialized in the construction of metal bridges and concrete structures. This industrial flagship generates 70% of its turnover from exports, mainly to Southeast Asia and Africa. The company also contributes to the reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure.”

The Minister has an appointment at 10:30 in Cantaveylot, at 11:45 at the Pierre Lafragette farm, at 1:00 pm he continues with a working lunch bringing together representatives of the dairy sector, then closes the day at 3:00 pm with a visit to Matière.

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