Long live the disguised Vélorution of Cahors!

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May by bike ends in style with a masked race through the streets of Cahors this Sunday afternoon. For the occasion, about sixty cyclists, young and old, responded to the call of the Vélorution collective.

They had gathered in the Intermarché car park in the Terre-Rouge district at 2 pm this Sunday for a burlesque bike ride. If the agenda had to arrive in disguise, in the end few played the game given the summer temperatures and the scorching sun “which would have made the make-up run”. But let’s see! Good humor was at stake for this fantastic escape through the streets of the Cadurciana city. The 2-year-olds were sitting well in the back seats of their parents’ bikes or in trailers, when the older ones had chosen their own electric tandem tricycle! Colette 81 years old and Michel 79 years old went to Holland to find him to satisfy their passion for the pedal.

This is the second Vélorution in Cahors
MDD – Sarah Nabli

Promote the bicycle in the city

“We’ve been cycling since kindergarten,” the pensioner jokes. “This winter we covered 1,666km in eight weeks, it’s the only sport I practice, it’s a hobby we love” continues Colette, a Tour de France cap screwed under her bicycle helmet. The couple could therefore not miss this Vélorution right next to their home. Because in addition to a Sunday ride, the goal is above all to make noise and promote the bicycle as a means of getting around the city.

Behind this event is the Vélorution collective. They are asking for more safety in the city, structures and cycle paths. Also, before getting on their bikes, supervisors took the pulse of their audience by asking questions through a Yes/No game. “What do they think of the cycling place in Cahors? Do they feel safe? Do they want a 100% cycle/pedestrian city centre? Are they aware of the town hall? Do we need more rides like this every year?”

The organizers had foreseen a small questionnaire

The organizers had foreseen a small questionnaire
MDD – Sarah Nabli

“We are trying to give more space to bicycles. We have launched a petition to get an educational speed camera so that the 30km/h speed limit is respected by motorists. Normally a Vélorution is much more busy but we wanted it to remain familiar and The The course is easy and suitable for children, we go at their own pace” explains Max, one of the organizers. In the streets of Cahors the bells rang and “long live the bike in the city”. Céline came with her two-year-old daughter and her neighbors. “It is important to celebrate the bicycle and this mode of circulation. We have abandoned the car and made the choice of the electric bicycle in our daily lives, we want to demonstrate that all journeys can be done by bicycle” insists the young woman.

The caravan was also led by two policemen perched on their electric bikes, who too would like more patrols on these two wheels.

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