Live. The former employees of the Sam factory in front of the Prud’hommes

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A demonstration of support is scheduled for today, in front of the Athyrium of Onet-le-Château, where the first installment of the prud’homale procedure of the sacked employees of the Sam factory is taking place, in Viviez, a long soap opera since the liquidation on November 26 2021, which continues in court.

Dry liquidation, 333 layoffs, factory occupation for 153 days, aborted or suspended buyout and acquisition projects, and early December 2022 auction of aluminum stock and smelter machinery – a factory closure is far from a along quiet river.

“Still standing” since the liquidation of their work tool at the end of November 2021, the former employees of the Sam factory, in Viviez, are now dealing with the legal aspect of this trying soap opera for themselves. In fact, 283 dismissed employees filed complaints with the Labor Court against the agents and liquidators of Jingjian, as well as of Renault and one of its subsidiaries. There would be a total of 288 “Sams” to seek justice in this way. As of October 2022, the first meeting of this labor tribunal proceeding was scheduled for Monday, March 13 for the hearing of “gather” introducing a process in good and due form, and without any new possibility of conciliation.

Given the number of complainants, this first hearing will take place at the Athyrium of Onet-le-Château (34 boulevard des Capucines) where a demonstration in support of former employees is scheduled at 1.30pm.

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