Linky: “We are no longer ourselves”… Enedis sentenced to replace the meter of an electrosensitive woman

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Enedis has been ordered to replace an 84-year-old woman’s electrosensitive Linky meter in Valence in the Drôme. This woman had been living a nightmare since the installation of the latter.

A rare decision. Enedis was ordered to replace Drôme resident Jeanine’s Linky meter, which is electrosensitive, reports Europa 1. On July 10, employees of the electricity distribution network operator came to this 84-year-old woman, remove the green meter to install an older model instead.

A victory for the pensioner, who had been living a nightmare for 5 years. “I had a headache. And then I wasn’t in a normal state, I was paralyzed. We feel dizzy, our head hurts a lot: we are no longer ourselves. At night, when Enedis remotely interrogated the meter, the old lady had the impression of receiving electric shocks in her body.

Several doctors then concluded that Jeanine was electrosensitive. “She saw several doctors who after a while ended up making the connection between the meter and the ailments she complained about. It was decisive,” her lawyer, Maître Jean-Pierre Joseph, explained to Europe 1.

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