Line C of the Toulouse metro: “The inhabitants of Toulouse have a culture of building sites”, for Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc

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At the beginning of the huge construction site of the 3rd line of the Toulouse metro, which will last for five years, Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor, is counting on the experience of the large construction sites of the inhabitants. In an interview he also returns to the new strike announced next week on the Tisséo network.

Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor of Toulouse, attended the inauguration of the Maison du métro at François-Verdier on Friday 26 May. Interview.

Aren’t you afraid of the exasperation of the inhabitants of Toulouse in the face of the size of the work?

Yes, because they have a grumpy past… But the people of Toulouse are intelligent and have a culture of construction sites because their city has been dynamic for a long time. There were many construction sites, sometimes painful. So they know, despite these disadvantages, that there will be an advantage for them. On the other hand, our duty is to provide all information in complete transparency. And find as many solutions as possible, with companies, to reduce nuisance as much as possible and organize traffic around construction sites.

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Is the information system up to par?

YES. I insisted a lot and I still insist a lot with Tisséo that, in the face of this project of exceptional scope and duration, there is also an exceptional information effort. Both on the construction site of construction sites – for example, I am very attentive to the mega construction site of François-Verdier – and in the metro house inaugurated this Friday which did not exist for lines A and B.

We are on the eve of the week of strike called by the Tisséo Voyageurs unions. What is your position?

I regret this stubbornness of the trade unions. I recall that, accepting the management’s proposal, the agents would have benefited from a salary increase of 12.5% ​​over three years. I don’t know many employees in our country who are lucky enough to benefit from such a revaluation in the current situation. They are, moreover, agents whose employment is guaranteed. So I consider this strike abusive. What is certain is that the only victims are not the leaders of Tisséo or the elected representatives of the communities, they are the users. And I find it cruel of unions to be so cold about the inconvenience they create. I have encouraged the management of Tisséo Voyageurs to firmly stand their ground and I can only reiterate my solidarity with them.

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