Line C of the Toulouse metro: the black dots of the construction site

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On the 27 km of Metro Line C under construction, most of the construction rights-of-way have been in place since April. Here are the major black spots that will impact traffic over five years.

Toulouse at the time of major works. And it will last. The inhabitants of the agglomeration, motorists as well as users of public transport, have discovered it since April: the construction of the C line of the subway has begun – the largest construction site that the Pink City has ever known. Officially launched on December 15, it is this spring that the project begins to become a reality with the rights-of-way of the construction sites at the level of future stations.

This work marks a 27 km route, from Colomiers to Labège via the north of Toulouse and Matabiau station. These are 21 stations, 17 of which are underground, and a tunnel that will require the simultaneous operation of five drilling machines for excavation, which will arrive next year.

The 3rd metro line, costing €3.1 billion, is expected to be commissioned at the end of 2028, the extension of line B at the end of 2027 and the airport line with rapid tram in 2026.

Already perceptible, the impact of the construction site on the public road is more or less strong depending on the sector. To guide the inhabitants of Toulouse in this great transformation of the city, we have identified a series of works which have the most impact and which will remain so for five years, until 2027, the year 2028 scheduled for trials.

The construction sites most affected by the works where circulation and parking are made difficult.

Bonnefoy the most complicated

The following eight stations are all traffic and parking black spots. TO Colomiers train station, the SNCF car park has been abolished since April 17th. Same scenario a The cow where the car park was closed in January. In this chapter it is necessary to include the station Ramonvilleaffected by the extension of line B, where 30% of the parking lot is occupied by the construction site base, hence the parking problems in the sector.

The station Bonfoy is undoubtedly the most delicate point of the project. Since 25 April, vehicles have been driving in one direction (in the direction of the city centre) and buses have been diverted. And, in late summer or fall 2023 through spring 2024, the avenue will be completely cut down.

Right in the city center, the station building Francois-Verdier it led to the neutralization of much of the intersection in front of the war memorial, which is to be moved this summer. Traffic is still maintained on two lines but stops during peak hours.

Square ofAbalone, avenue Saint-Exupéry has been cut since May 2 and diverted to Jean-Rieux. From the end of August, a Limayrac, it will no longer be possible to drive behind the small shopping center. TO Matabiau stationfinally, near the Arche Marengo vehicles circulate only in single file.

In other places, traffic will be maintained but slightly diverted: avenue Jean-Rieux for the station pebble (where work starts in July) and in front of the school Toulouse Lautrec. Elsewhere, rights-of-way will have no impact on traffic.

Three subway houses

Tisséo inaugurated its first metropolitan house on the alleys François-Verdier on Friday 26 May. A second will see the light on Tuesday in Colomiers (17, rue Gilet). And a third, whose opening date is not specified, at the Labège shopping centre. These houses are intended to provide all the information on the site, explained Jean-Michel Lattes, president of Tisséo Collectivités. François-Verdier’s will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. The site was also created with an interactive map. “The debate on the project is behind us. We are now living the site, “said Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor. “We will be there whenever necessary,” insisted Martine Croquette, reiterating the will of the departmental council to fully intervene in the transport sector.

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