Lezignan-Corbieres. In Lézignan, a 49-3 cuvée to drink the news… differently

the essential
Eight years ago, Château Grand Moulin launched its 49-3 cuvée. A name inspired by the year and month of planting of the plot that is at its origin (March 1949) but also by the chronicle of the time, when Manuel Valls designed this article of the constitution for the first time.

“Hey, what if we use the 49-3?” This sentence may have been pronounced by the executive on Thursday 16 March against the background of the pension reform. But certainly not in the playful tone that bon vivants can use when tasting the homonymous cuvée produced for eight years by Château Grand Moulin, in Lézignan-Corbières.

A know-how and a marketing idea that we owe to Jean-Noël Bousquet and which his son, Frédéric, now at the head of the family estate, comments: “This cuvée is special… My father wanted it to be intimate and accessible to all. Very focused on fruit, it has the subtitle ”Passe-partout”. from the cinsault grape that composes it, it was planted in March 1949 (03 /49). And when it came out, it was around the time Manuel Valls was using the 49-3 for the first time. With all these elements, my father imagined his name.”

The label hit the networks yesterday

A name that hits the mark and that, every time the article of the law is unsheathed, accelerates the requests of the customers! Moreover, since yesterday morning, the orange and black label has begun to spread on social networks, testifying to a success from which the product itself already benefited: “It’s a cuvée that works well. Cinsault, usually reserved for rosés, has an organoleptic profile that goes well with the notion of freshness and pleasantness. My only regret is not being able to please everyone”, complains Frédéric Bousquet. Currently, in fact, the winemaker is thinking of expanding the range of his 49-3 with a variation in several grape varieties (Syrah, Grenache for example) which would make it possible to exceed the 7,000 bottles put on sale per year.

In the meantime, it is very probable that the political news of these days will cause the Grand Moulin telephone to ring as it has done for eight years with every recourse to 49-3. On the other hand, why, on 19 February 2015, did the then Prime Minister use it? To launch a reform on Sunday work, labor court justice and the rules of collective dismissals inspired by a certain… Emmanuel Macron. The story is an eternal reboot.

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