Lavelanet. “Le Grand Bison”, a socially engaged local brewery

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In April 2014, Marie Guerra opened her brasserie, “Le Grand Bison”. An anniversary that he does not fail to celebrate every year by organizing a day of celebration called “Let go of the pressure”.

On the occasion of the seventh edition of the day “Let go of the pressure”, visitors were able to discover the craft, or rather the passion of Marie Guerra, and the different beers she produces by hand. She also offered guided tours, followed by tastings for the educational side. And on the festive side, various events and concerts, until late at night, cheered up the numerous public.
In terms of production, a new beer has recently emerged. “It’s a blonde, which we call ‘Bièra del Païs’, as it is based on malts and hops from Occitania,” explains the brewer. Marie Guerra’s ambition is to work only with regional products. This is one of the reasons that led it to join the association of independent brewers of Occitania (BRIO).
“Over time, to improve the quality and stability of our production, we train with the French Beer and Malt Institute, either by moving to Nancy or within our association”.
But “Le Grand Bison” is also involved for a good cause. Associated with three other breweries in the region, the brewery produces “Pink Boots”, a beer brewed in Muret. The profits from its sale are donated to associations that fight for the emancipation of women. And ecology is not forgotten. The facility has a solar panel roof and an electric delivery vehicle is coming soon.
Furthermore, for a year now, large bottles have been delivered, in collaboration with the Consingn’up company, which takes care of the collection and washing. “We work a lot beyond the Pays d’Olmes and our wish would be to have more local partners, festival committees, sports and cultural organizations or whatever. We are at their disposal.”

Every Wednesday at 10:30, from 12 July to 23 August, visits and tastings will be organized at the brewery. For more information: 09 73 23 37 93.

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