Laguiole. Festival des Bœufs gras: shopping and parties

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The festival symbolizes this weekend the moment of reunion in Aubrac. Business first.

It has been ten years since Émilie Delbert, sales manager of the Mauriac sundial market, masterfully led the auctions for the Bœufs gras festival in Laguiole. And yesterday, for nothing in the world, she would not have missed this appointment with, by ritual, the cane in hand. “It’s like a conductor, the baton dictates the tempo”he said in a broken voice, after the sale which confirmed the good health of the Aubrac breed. “The quality of the animals is improving, it’s extraordinary. The breeders have done an enormous job. You have to know that here they are breeders and fatteners. A fattening that requires a year of work is a sacrifice”slips this passionate, herself a breeder in the Cantal who loves her job “to highlight the work of farmers”.

This work was rewarded in view of the auctions which, although without breaking records, went well with in particular the Aubrac free-range heifer selling at 16.20 euros per kilo. Lulu Conquet, local figure of Laguiole and the festival, won the farm beef of the Aubrac while the flower of the Aubrac went to Cap d’Agde. It’s huge, there are buyers from all over France says Émilie Delbert, who recalls that the jury is made up of about forty professionals with an expert eye. She too by sight and memory, seeing her conduct the sale with a baton, naming the buyers, butchers as well as industrialists, without a sheet under her nose for fraud.

The other key to success lies in the conviviality of the event. “There’s a really good atmosphere here, it’s festive. We buy local, we sell local, it’s their stronghold”, concludes Emilie Delbert. Their stronghold is a pride. With the joy of meeting again. “The farmers didn’t see each other in winter, it’s the event that allows you to go out, to exchange”, confides Vincent Alazard, mayor of Laguiole. And people come from far and wide to attend meetings with good food. “I bought two pets but mostly I come with friends to party”confides Benjamin Bergès, chef of Le Coq de la Place in Rodez. Because last night there were 650 who attended the beef meal at the counter (always full) to celebrate the reunion as the arrival of spring.

Today, site of the morning parade of the “Lous Oyoulos” folk group, the blessing of the oxen which should still attract crowds, and the chocolate fair in the afternoon. The community of municipalities also takes advantage of the event to promote training on CAP meat.

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