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“La Dépêche du Midi” is launching its first newsletter dedicated to aeronautical news in a few days. Fasten your seatbelts and discover exclusive information on air and space news!

Welcome on board ! The newsletter of “La Dépêche du Midi” on aeronautical and space news will be taking off soon. Aeronautics is as inseparable from Toulouse and Occitania as rugby or gastronomy. Its history is intimately linked to the development of our territory, our south-west. Thus Pierre-Georges Latécoère, one of the pioneers, was born in Bagnères-de-Bigorre and opened his first workshops in Toulouse, in the Montaudran district, where the track and memory of the Aéropostale still survive.

All the great pilots have followed one another in the Pink City: from the legend Jean Mermoz to the Concorde pilot, André Turcat, passing through the great writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who had his room in the Place du Capitole. Today, in the wake of Airbus Industries, the aerospace sector accounts for 104,000 jobs in the region, or four out of ten jobs in the aerospace industry in France. The sector also accounts for up to 16% of employment in the Toulouse employment zone.

To tell you about aeronautical news, whether you are a professional in the sector or simply an enthusiast, our expert journalists will write a newsletter every week that will be addressed to you personally.

You will then have access to an entire dedicated universe: exclusive interviews with industry experts, insights, surveys, fact sheets… You will be informed about the latest technological advances, new aircraft models, research advances, innovations and initiatives in favor of a “green aviation “, more environmentally friendly.

A new look at aviation news

As a subscriber to our aerospace newsletter, you’ll get access to insider information, assembly line dives, and access to content you won’t find anywhere else!

You will thus be able to discover, among other topical topics: the latest Airbus orders; the colossal investments of Latécoère; Aura Aéro unveils its 19-seat hybrid aircraft; the new helicopter maintenance center in Samu; all on the new Toulouse-Doha line; Ascendance Flight Technologies’ Flying Taxi…

Our newsletter will be weekly and sent out at the beginning of the week. You can consult it wherever you are, from your smartphone, your computer or your tablet. Aéropostale always arrives on time!

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