Jazz in Marciac: agriculture and jazz come together in a dedicated day within the festival

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A day dedicated to agriculture is organized this Tuesday 25 July as part of the jazz festival and the “Landscapes in Marciac” week. Open-air workshops, a walk and a conference are scheduled.

Jazz and agriculture meet this Tuesday 25 July as part of the Jazz in Marciac festival. The Chamber of Agriculture organizes a day dedicated to agriculture in the Gers bastide during the “Landscapes in Marciac” week. An appointment placed under the sign of the sun and planned in collaboration with the Tree and Landscape 32 association (registration recommended).

The morning will begin at 9 with, until 12:30, open-field rotating workshops intended for farmers and agricultural professionals. On a piece of land behind the Marciac gym, different themes around innovation in agroecology will take place: “Centipede and RTK”, “Occitanum”, “Softirover”, “Covered ground, prosperous ground”, “Transitool, a serious game to raise awareness of soil erosion”, “My SatImages for precision fertilization”, “Sap analysis and plant nutrition”, “RTK direct seeder” will be the various topics addressed by professionals in the sector.

An event organized as part of “Paysages in Marciac”

At 10, a walk, starting from the back of the gymnasium, will take the public “from field to field”, with a farmer and the consular chamber. Then, at 3pm, a lecture and panel discussion on “Agriculture in the face of climate change” will be led by specialists, including Cédric Cabrol (agro-eco-climatologist), Julie Bodeau (head of the energy, biomass and climate project at the regional chamber of agriculture) and Baptiste Audrechy (professor at the agricultural high school of Riscle).

The day will end at 6 pm with a tasting of local products offered by Excellence Gers.

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