Isle-en-Dodon. Fresh bread vending machine set up in the town square.

At the mayor’s request, the “Le marque” bakery and pastry shop in Isle en Dodon came to set up a bread and sweets vending machine on Sunday 9 July in the town square. This dispenser can be used for troubleshooting or for every day because it will be stocked daily, as will various pastries. Kassandra, who runs ‘Le marque’ bakery, patisserie and snacks in Isle en Dodon, was present with her partner Arnaud. They explained how the machine worked and above all they insisted that the goods arrive every day, goods made fresh in the Isle en Dodon warehouse. They offered a breakfast with all their homemade cakes and coffee. The municipal councilors were present with the Mayor and various inhabitants of the village. Everyone enjoyed this impromptu breakfast in the village square, they were able to taste all the varieties presented and they were very interested. Innovative for this small town away from the bigger cities, great initiative!

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