Is the Linky meter dangerous to health? Wave exposure is similar to a phone charger, says ANSES

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Wave exposure from the Linky meter has been studied by the Health Safety Agency. Confirm that the probability of facing harmful effects is low. Linky’s meter waves have been a subject of debate for years.

Can the Linky counter, which has spread in our homes since 2015, put our health at risk? Pros and anti-Linkys have been sticking to their positions for years. The controversy is strong: the Linky counter installed by Enedis is regularly accused of causing headaches, insomnia or dizziness due to electromagnetic waves.

So dangerous or not this Linky meter? ANSES, the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, has published a new study based on measurements of exposure to electromagnetic fields from third generation (“G3”) meters installed since 2017. studies were carried out by the Scientific Office and Technical Building Center (CSTB) and the National Frequency Agency (ANFR).

ANSES confirms “the low probability that exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by Linky meters will cause short or long-term health effects”. And he specifies: “The levels of exposure to the electromagnetic fields emitted remain very low and well below the regulatory limit values”. Thus, the exposure to the Linky meter waves would be comparable to phone chargers or induction hobs.

Fewer electromagnetic waves than wi-fi

According to the study, the electromagnetic waves of the Linky counter are lower than those of the wi-fi boxes. The Linky meter uses PLC (Power Line Communication) technology to communicate the information it records to Enedis.

However, the ANSES study specifies that the results of the study “show that the transmission of communication signals on the network can vary significantly depending on the time of day”.

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Electrosensitive people suffer from various ailments

Yet, a large number of electrosensitive people report that they suffer from various ailments – headaches, insomnia or dizziness – in the presence of Linky meters. Still, diagnosis remains difficult to make, Futura Sciences recalls. From one individual to another and from one moment to another, it does not manifest itself in the same way.

In the past, however, justice has repeatedly ruled in favor of Enedis customers against the Linky counter for medical reasons. The Court of Tours had ordered the removal of thirteen meters. At the same time, in Nanterre, the courts sacked 430 customers who objected to the installation of a Linky meter.

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The Linky counter is installed in 90% of the French, according to Enedis. Customers who refuse it must pay an indemnity of 48 euros per year from 1 January 2023.

To read the full ANSES study, click here.

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