Inflation: We went shopping again in March, why such a price difference between Cahors and Figeac

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Again, our two reporters went shopping. And he analyzed the evolution of prices on 18 targeted products. Here are their conclusions on inflation.

Purchasing and maintaining a price table, month by month and product by product is a bit tedious, but really instructive. Pushing the trolley, shopping list in hand, we returned to the two Lot supermarkets, one in Cahors, the other in Figeac. And this is what our two receipts tell us.

  • Red March in Cahors, but not in Figeac
    A little baffled, we have to admit that the euros have been playing on our nerves since the beginning of this experiment launched in early 2023. times more expensive. The bill reaches 48.11 euros in Cahors against 45.43 euros in Figeac. It was exactly the opposite last month.
    But even more pernicious, these trips increased by +2.12€ between February and March in Cahors, while they decreased by -1.77€ in Figeac.
    Looking even closer, since January, the value of our trolley has dropped by -3 cents in Figeac, when this value has increased by +1.95€ in Cahors.
  • Seven red products in the Caduran basket, three in the Figeac basket
    In Cahors, milk (0.4€), frozen fish (0.24€), chocolate biscuits (0.10€), ham (0.20€), apples (0.20€), toilet paper ( €0.10) and bubble bath (€0.42) the increase.
    In Figeac there is pasta (€0.21), chocolate biscuits (€0.10), ham (€0.30).

    Paid €0.99 in Cahors in January, the price of the Batavia salad reaches €1.69 in Figeac in February and March.

  • Fortunately, products are on the decline
    Like yoghurt, in Cahors as in Figeac (-€0.04), butter sold at €2.39 dropped by €0.16 in Cahors (price unchanged from January in Figeac).
    Toilet paper does it yo-yo! In Cahors, this product fell by €0.10 in February, to resume an equivalent rise in March. In Figeac, where since January it was sold at a higher price of 4.85 euros, in January but also in February, well, in March it fell by 0.16 euros.
    And finally, liquid detergent, in Figeac, this product was up to then more expensive than in Cahors. After an average price of 6.79 euros since the beginning of the year, in March it dropped to 6.65 euros, thus reaching the price paid by the Cadurciens for three months already.

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  • the safe and stable values ​​of our trolley
    Without hesitation, the products whose price hasn’t changed one iota are the kilo of flour at 0.85 euros in these two Lot supermarkets. Similarly for the kilo of apples at 3.49 euros, or of eggs, respectively at the price of 3.49 euros and 2.09 euros. Finally, if you are a customer of this brand in Figeac, know that a kilo of potatoes has been sold for €3.89 for three months, while in Cahors it is only €3.49, a price difference of €0.40 per kilo for a perfectly identical product it is… inexplicable. Because in summary, three kilos of potatoes were sold for 1.20 euros more in Figeac than in Cahors. Potatoes are expensive, right?

Our two journalists are meeting you for a new inflation point, around mid-April!

The contents of our cart

Within the editorial staff we have identified 18 products for daily use. Here is the content of our cart: 6 bananas, 1 kilo of apples, potatoes in bags, 1 salad, 4 slices of ham, 400 grams of frozen fish, 6 eggs, a wafer 250 grams of butter, 250 grams of emmental, 4 yoghurts natural ingredients, 1 liter of milk, 1 kilo of sugar, 1 kilo of flour, 1 packet of Petits écoliers, 12 rolls of toilet paper, liquid detergent and a shower gel.

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