Inflation in the Lot: prices continue to fall

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This summer, what happens to our shopping cart in the face of inflation? The editorial staff of La Dépêche du Midi dans le Lot went shopping again in July to evaluate all this. first observation: many products are seeing a drop in price.

It’s shopping time for the editorial staff of La Dépêche du Midi dans le Lot. Since the beginning of the year, two journalists have been observing the price evolution of a basket made up of 18 products of the same brand, but in two different cities. And the disparities continue between Figeac and Cahors.

In the city prefecture the cost of the ticket jumped by almost two euros. In June the total was 46.84 euros. It is now exposed at 48.76 euros. What weighs: potatoes. These have increased by 2 euros. An incomprehensible increase, which is also found in Figeac where potatoes cost 1.10 euros more than in June. Good news on the other hand in the sub-prefecture, after 4 months of continuous increases, the receipt is finally decreasing, from 48.62 euros last month to 48.19 this time.

In which months did the shopping cost less and in which months did it cost more? In January, in Figeac, the total was 46.46 euros. And it is in June that we pay full price: with 48.62 euros, an increase of 3.16 euros. In Cahors the difference is less. It was in February that the basket cost the least at 45.99 euros. The figure rises until it reaches its peak in July with 48.76 euros. This is a differential of 2.77 euros.

Potatoes are on the rise

This month, therefore, it is potatoes that are on the rise. However, it was one of the few products on the list whose price had remained stable since the beginning of our comparison. Furthermore, for Cahors, this implies an increase in the total basket, which however had started to fall in June for the first time since the beginning of the year.

In the city prefecture, these are two products that have increased. In fact, toilet paper took 30 cents. In Figeac, on the other hand, 4 products increase. We find toilet paper which, as in Cahors, undergoes an increase of 30 cents. The prices for a kilo of apples and 6 eggs are slightly increasing.

The ham, finally, down

As far as falling products go, it’s Figeac that hits the jackpot. 4 raw materials are cheaper this month. In Cahors, 3 products lose a few cents.

Most important to note: the steep drop on the 4 slices of ham. In May, it was product that felt the full force of the inflation. This month, in both cities, the package is down. In the Cadurcian brand, the price goes from 3.15 euros to 2.85 euros (a discount of 30 cents). In Figeac the total was 3.99 in June and is now 3.19 euros (a drop of 80 cents). The only problem: a significant price difference between the two cities, for the same brand and identical package of ham.

Products that stabilize

It should also be noted that many products have stabilized this month. Last month, the shower gel at Figeac had undergone a significant increase. Which is still inexplicable today. However, this month it returns to a normal price and is displayed at 2.75 euros. This is the price paid since the beginning of the experiment. In Cahors let’s think of the 4 yoghurts that lost 4 cents.

There are some products that haven’t moved one iota. They are the packet of pasta, the organic bananas, the kilo of flour and the tropical detergent. In Figeac there is now only one product whose value is certain: the kilo of flour. See you next month to find out what tricks inflation will still play on us.

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