Inéopole opens a new training course in Brens

the essential
The Training Center launches a professional degree course in “Entrepreneurial professions” (level 6). Information meeting on Friday 31 March.

Bruno Doré (director) and Damien Pradelles (deputy director) are organizing an information meeting on Friday 31 March at 10:00 in the premises of the training center, at 823 Avenue de La Fédarié in Brens.

It will be a matter of launching the promotion of an opening training course carried out in collaboration with the National Academy of Arts and Crafts under the professional license “Professions of Entrepreneurship” (Level 6).

“This course aims to be innovative, in line with the needs of our territory, and to highlight its deployment capacity, the organizers specify. This course aims to train, on a work-study basis, business creators/buyers, project leaders, SME managers, executives, project managers, executive assistants, etc. »

Before the press conference there will be a period of work with the Advisory Committee and the partners of this project.

A moment of discussion

Évelyne Bretagne (departmental councilor) will begin this moment of exchange with the people who will participate in this information meeting.

The partners associated with this course (advisory board) will also be present: The Women Business Leaders of the Tarn, Initiatives Tarn, CJD of the Tarn, the Tarn/Aveyron Entreprendre Network, 100.000 Entrepreneurs, Entreprendre Pour Learn Occitanie, the CNAM Occitanie , the Regional Federation of the MFR Occitanie, the Ineopole Training Directorate and its group of teachers will take part in this day.

The elected representatives of the territory are also invited to join Inéopole Formation during this moment of reflection and discussion.

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