Income tax: who are the 10 million French who will have to pay a supplement in September?

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Many taxpayers will receive a letter from the Directorate General of Public Finance, notifying them whether they have paid too much or too little tax. Nearly 10 million French people will have to go back to the cashier.

The cleaver will fall. Like every year since the introduction of withholding tax in 2019, the French will soon receive their official tax return for the year 2022. In this letter that you will receive between July 24 and August 22, it is likely that the Directorate General of Public Finances will ask you for a supplement on your tax or, conversely, tell you that you will be subject to a refund.

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According to the Directorate General of Public Finance, quoted by our colleagues from echoes, nearly 9.6 million tax families will have to put their hands in their pockets. As far as these taxpayers were concerned, the withholding tax, automatically withheld each month, was insufficient in relation to their income. Again according to this same source, the State lacks almost 21.7 billion euros in taxes, or an average of 2,259 euros per taxpayer. However, the DGFIP indicates that these figures still need to be consolidated.

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Last year, for income taxes in 2021, around 10.7 million tax families went into the cash register, for an average amount of 2,100 euros per taxpayer.


Some families may, on the contrary, be eligible for a refund. These are mainly taxpayers who have used a tax credit, or who have suffered a drop in income not transferred to the tax site, in their personal space.

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According to the DGFIP, nearly 15 million disc outbreaks are affected this year. The surplus amounts to a total of 13 billion euros, which corresponds on average to almost 844 euros per taxpayer. The latter should receive the payment in question between 24 July and 2 August.

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