Income tax 2023: what are the deadlines for submitting the return?

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Paper forms or electronic declaration, here is the tax calendar for submitting your 2023 tax return.

The calendar for the 2023 tax return campaign differs slightly from that of 2022, the CGT Public Finance reveals to Capital. This year, the tax campaign will begin with the submission of paper forms, distributed between April 3 and 27. The opening date of the online declaration on the site is set for Thursday 13 April. This is seven days later than in 2022. On the Internet, the procedures will not change: you will have to go to, connect to “Your private space” by entering your tax code and password.


The deadline for the declaration in paper format is May 22nd
To complete the online form, the delay will be more or less long depending on the departments. The deadline to be respected will be Thursday 25 May for inhabitants of zone 1 (departments of Ain, Corrèze) and for French people residing abroad. Zone 2 (Corsica and Meurthe-et-Moselle) has one more week to deposit online, i.e. until Thursday 1 June. Finally, the inhabitants of zone 3, (Meuse and Mayotte), will still have one more week, until Thursday 8 June.

If these terms are not respected, the Revenue Agency will apply – barring exceptions on supporting documents – a fine equal to 10% of the amount of your income tax.

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