In Toulouse, the king of tacos is strengthening its vegetable offer

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New School Tacos, the brand from Toulouse, is developing its offer to meet the needs of consumers.

New School Tacos, the fast food chain from Toulouse, announces a new recipe in collaboration with HappyVore, one of the market leaders in vegetable protein-based meat substitutes. After launching the first vegetarian tacos in its line of business several months ago, the company is beefing up its plant-based offering.

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Launched just a few weeks ago, these new HappyVore plant-based bread vegetarian tacos are already enjoying great success. “In fact, New School Tacos has seen a 65% increase in veggie taco sales and the brand isn’t going to stop there,” assures the king of tacos in the Pink City.

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Continues Anthony Mazzone, co-creator of New School Tacos: “Even more than anywhere else, the customer is always the king of New School Tacos and this is precisely the basis of our desire to expand our vegetarian offer. The fruit and vegetable market is booming, driven by the new consumption habits of our customers, and we have to get on the bandwagon. Today we are the most advanced taco brand in this segment in France and we intend to stay that way. “.

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The fast food chain intends to rely on its new reference partner to achieve this goal since, from September, a 100% vegetarian menu will be available and the chicken nuggets will be offered to customers in a vegetarian version.

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