In the US, black LGBTQ+ youth feel safer on TikTok

(ETX Daily Up) – There is good and bad on social media. And the LGBTQ+ community is unfortunately often the target of online attacks. However, a report has just shown that some social networks have a positive impact on their mental health. Explanations.

The findings of The Trevor Project’s report* may seem surprising. After surveying more than 28,000 people aged 13 to 24 in the LGBTQ community in the United States, the report found that people of color feel safer on TikTok and that this experience could reduce their risk of suicide and lower their anxiety levels: “Feeling safe and understood in at least one online space is associated with lower suicide risk and lower recent anxiety rates for all LGBTQ+ youth, and LGBTQ+ youth of color in particular.” wrote the organization.

According to the report, LGBTQ+ youth who reported feeling safe and understood in at least one online space were 20% less likely to attempt suicide in the past year and 15% less likely to experience anxiety than those who reported feeling insecure online.

Looking at people of color in the LGBTQ+ community, The Trevor Project’s report showed similar rates of reduced suicide attempts, but even higher rates of reduced anxiety with 19% lower risk of suffering from it.

And it is on TikTok that 53% of young people of color in the LGBTQ+ community say they feel safer and more understood. A higher percentage than young whites (45%). They follow Instagram, 41% among young people of color and 38% among whites, followed by Twitter, 21% and 20% respectively. “In our sample, more than half (53%) of Black LGBTQ+ youth reported feeling safe and understood on TikTok, 42% on Discord, 41% on Instagram, and 33% on YouTube. Additionally, LGBTQ+ youth of color who reported feeling safe and understood on TikTok likely also felt safe and understood on Discord, Instagram, or YouTube,” the report noted.

*Data was collected through an online survey conducted between September and December 2022 among 28,524 LGBTQ+ youth recruited through targeted social media ads.

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