In the Lot, activities to do when it’s hot

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This Tuesday, Météo France announces a peak heat in the Lot with temperatures up to 37°C. How to keep busy despite these scorching temperatures, here are some of the freshest proposals.

With climate change, temperatures rise more than before in summer and tourism suffers. Fortunately, the Lot is full of places and activities suitable for hot days: air-conditioned museums, caves, water parks and baths are among the good plans when the mercury rises.

Some activities can be carried out indoors

Among the places to visit, the Champollion-Les Ecritures du monde museum in Figeac is a must, because it is well air-conditioned, offering a pleasant and cool cultural moment even in mid-July. Yet Laurie Cruveilheur, the museum’s communications officer, sees no correlation between rising temperatures and attendance: ‘There’s even a tendency for attendance to be lower on hot days, but higher on rainy and bad weather days. “.

Like air-conditioned museums, caves are favorite places on hot days. They offer a timeless experience in constant and natural temperatures around 13-14°C, underground. Almost enough to wear a vest! At the Cougnac caves, in Payrignac near Gourdon, Bertrand Gouloumes makes the connection between visitors and the outside temperature: “This year there is a generally lower trend in attendance, but on very hot days there is also a whole lot more visitors as people are looking for freshness.”

But outings in the fresh air: that’s fine too

At the Saule water park, in Bétaille, Christophe Serre confirms: “We have a capacity of about 2,000 people, and as soon as the temperatures reach 30°C, we are full”. And with its many slides, its floating inflatable structures, its huge swimming pool, its mini golf, a shaded park and recently an interactive escape game, La Saule is one of the must-see water parks in the region.

The water points of the Lot remain, which has 24 authorized bathing sites, 13 of which are supervised: lakes and rivers such as the Célé, the Dordogne and the Lot. Among the latter we can mention Gluges in Monvalent on the banks of the Dordogne, the base of the Caix in Luzech which allows you to cool off on the banks of the Lot, or the Mas de la Croux lake also known as Lac de Tauriac.

Swimming pools and other bathing spots aren’t the only pleasant activities in summer, canoeing and kayaking down the rivers or caving trips are also very popular, provided you are accompanied by professionals for your safety.

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