In Luzech, the Caïx nautical base changes gears

The inauguration of the Fabuleuse Cantine de Caïx took place on Monday 17 July at 6 pm in Luzech. 250 guests joined the site to partake in the restaurant cocktail party. Many heads of associations, entrepreneurs and craftsmen were present as well as some traders: Monday was therefore the right place!

Change of vision

Because the mayors of Albas, Douelle, Saint-Vincent joined Bernard Passer, Serge Bladinières president of the CCLVLV, Kamal Benfouzari, director general of the nautical base of Caïx (Ecolot), Boris Fontimpe and Éric Pétroto, co-founders of the Fabuleuse Cantine.

Changing service provider means changing gears: it’s the season that calls for it! The people of Luzech, but not only, feel that profound changes are being prepared for Luzech because new faces are appearing in the valley with considerable financial means but also changes of generation and vision. At 7 pm, Éric Pétroto, Kamal Benfouzari, Bernard Piaser and Serge Bladinières spoke in turn to present the project for the first two, to contextualize it for the second.

Towards a blue path

Kamal Benfouzari, owner of Cap Nature Pradines et Figeac and manager of the Caïx site, specified the assets developed: “In addition to the classic aquatic leisure activities linked to the Antinéa de Douelle base, the creation of the Grande Traversée which will connect the two sites by water with kayaks, pedal boats, jet skis, etc. Ultimately, this blue route connected to the green route should also be able to be done with electric boats without a licence. The camping area will be improved, 24 will be created accommodation of an unusual type and the reception of motorhomes will be preserved. Major developments are planned to create two large beaches with free and open access, as well as a new marina for boats. Another novelty is the creation of a water ski facility aimed at democratizing this activity, promoting the base of the Caïx as a unique site in France. »

Éric Pétroto explained the concept of the Fabuleuse Cantine: “This concept, born in Saint-Etienne, is based on the fight against food waste with peasant common sense equipped with a new look at what surrounds food and the table. La Fabuleuse Cantine works with local producers and on unprocessed organic products, to offer creative cuisine based on meat or vegetarian. A responsible, innovative and original cuisine…” In short, to be enjoyed throughout the summer.

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