In Figeac, the pruner finds his shredder stolen a year ago

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After having his shredder stolen a year ago, the sky is finally clearing for pruner Kevin Cazes-Bouchet who has found his equipment and has just landed the maintenance contract for the park in the city of Figeac for three years . A great recognition for the entrepreneur.

On March 1, 2022, in the middle of a plane tree pruning project in the town of Figeac, entrepreneur Kevin Cazes-Bouchet had his shredder stolen. A real coup for the Figeac business manager. By an extraordinary coincidence, exactly one year and one week later, a telephone call from Lieutenant Sylvaine Lhardy, commander of the autonomous territorial brigade of Figeac, told him that the gendarmes had found his spiker.

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“He gave me the good news on Monday morning,” explains Kevin Cazes-Bouchet. It was during a completely different investigation, during a search, that the gendarmes discovered my oil mill under a closed canopy, right in the city of Montredon. I returned it to my deposit, but it no longer belongs to me, as the insurance company had taken it into consideration following the theft. I had to buy another one, even though I wasn’t done paying for the first one, and that was pretty hard for me. A grinder costs around 40,000 euros and I didn’t need it. The crusher found has no damage, only some parts have been disassembled. I think the thief never knew or could start it, because he didn’t have my magnetic card data. He may have tried to ignore it, but to no avail. The important thing for me is that this story ends quickly”.

“Recognition of my work”

For the businessman from Figeacois, accumulating two credits had somehow interrupted his cash flow, but without preventing him from working. Some colleagues had even offered to help.
“I’ve only been pruning for four years,” he continues, “and I had to roll up my sleeves and work twice as hard, with more rigor in the way my company operates. I built a clientele on my own, with some clients sent to me by Jan Latta. Getting along with colleagues is an advantage. I just won a park maintenance contract in the city of Figeac for the next three years. I consider it a recognition of my work. I think my involvement during the passage of the tornado over the city on August 11, 2020 and my presence on the scene day and night allowed me to show who I was.
Kevin Cazes-Bouchet, who has just obtained his Qualiarbre pruning and tree care qualification, works with a self-employed colleague and integration trainee from Nayrac’s IME.
“Working outside, independently, on good terms with my clients, suits me a lot”, he concludes.

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