In Ariège, the metallurgy sector is innovating to try to recruit

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Pôle emploi and the Union of Metallurgical Industries and Crafts have launched an innovative action to succeed in recruiting in a sector where available positions are struggling to find buyers.

Thirty jobs in Ariège in the metallurgical sector find no buyer. Struggling to find employees, a dozen industries are innovative in their recruitment to inspire potential future employees. For this, a recruitment operation has just been launched jointly by the Union of Metallurgical Industries and Crafts and Pôle Emploi. “We have identified around thirty needs in this sector, explains Véronique Mucciante, director of the Pôle emploi agency in Pamiers. We are in a period of economic recovery after the health crisis. This benefits the economic industry and our role is to support businesses of Ariège.”

This action, which started this Monday March 13, 2023 with an escape game to attract as many candidates as possible thanks to innovative matches. It was finally the following day, Tuesday March 14, 2023, that this joint action was officially launched with the presentation, within the premises of Recaero in Verniolle, in the presence of the prefect of Ariège Sylvie Feucher and the sub-prefect of the district of Pamiers, Jean-Baptiste Morinaud.

In total, these are three professions that are highly sought after by Ariège companies, namely: machinist, boilermaker and fitter. For this, Pôle emploi will use its simulation recruitment method.

A method open to all

In the Lavelanet, Foix and Pamiers basins, candidates will be supported to detect potential but also to show them that jobs in industry can be an option for them. Something not necessarily obvious at the beginning, as the department prefect explains: “It’s a challenge to convince people that they are capable of doing these jobs and that the sector has evolved”. It is in particular for this last reason that Pôle emploi has decided to use this innovative method, in order to make these professions more attractive.

Looking for various profiles, no door is closed to recruit them. In fact, for these positions, anyone looking for a job can apply. Véronique Mucciante explains the stages of this method: “One of our ambitions is to recruit talent for these professions. Once the potential assessment has been completed, the candidates will follow a three-month training course (from May to the end of July), then integrate a company in Ariège for one year with a professionalization contract, at the end of this, this will lead to a certification which guarantees their employability in this sector.”

Before that, potential candidates will be able to visit the ten partner companies of this innovative action. They will visit the premises, discover the professions and be able to meet with the employees. Another action that should allow for a “meeting between job seekers and employers”, confides the director of the Pôle emploi agency in Pamiers. and the craft he chooses.”

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