Ilek, the Toulouse-based renewable energy supplier, wants to triple the number of its customers within two years

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Toulouse-based electricity and renewable gas supplier Ilek is planning for the future despite uncertainties in the energy market and rising consumer prices.

In a global context of rising energy prices, and while the government announced a few days ago the gradual end of the tariff shield for electricity prices, the renewable electricity supplier Ilek continues to grow.

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Launched in 2016 by Julien Chardon and Remy Companyo in Toulouse, Ilek is a supplier of renewable electricity and since 2018 of green gas. Today the company has 200 employees. Ilek’s bet is to allow the consumer to be an actor in his gas consumption. By subscribing to Ilek, the customer has the certainty that 100% of the energy or gas he consumes will be purchased, by ilek, from French producers of renewable energy (solar, hydro, wind) or gas (biogas).

A price increase that does not affect the number of customers

The price of energy has become a central topic of conversation, especially with the sharp price increases related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but also the increase in energy demand following the Covid-19 pandemic. While this has a major impact on consumers, whose bills are rising and will continue to rise with a 10% increase expected on August 1, it has had no impact on Ilek’s customer base. “We have an energy price indexed to the regulated energy sales rate, so we have a rate similar to other offers, especially EDF,” explains Remy Companyo, co-founder of Ilek.

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“We also offer a different offer with a very strong environmental approach. Our customers can also support renewable electricity generation projects through crowdfunding,” he adds. Today Ilek has 140,000 customers and hopes to have 500,000 by 2025.

Projects in the production of renewable electricity

In addition to strong customer growth, Ilek also wants to go into renewable electricity generation. A first solar panel project was launched in the Gers in collaboration with Solveo and Arec at the beginning of 2023. Several other projects are under study, “but the electricity production projects are long-term” Remy Companyo points out. The declared ambition is to be able to supply 30% of electricity thanks to the production linked to Ilek by 2025.

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