“I have four children to feed”: this is Bruno Le Maire’s phrase on inflation that does not go away

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Guest of France 2 this Saturday 20 May, the Minister of the Economy evoked his personal case to address the issue of inflation. “I too have a large family, I have four children to support,” he said. What to make the opposition react…

Invited to the set of the “Quelle époque” program on Saturday 20 May on France 2, Bruno Le Maire did not escape the topic that currently worries many French people: inflation. And to affirm that he is well aware of the effects of the price increase, the Economy Minister did not hesitate to mention his personal situation.

“I try to be fair, to be careful that prices come down for the consumer. Because I too have a large family, I have four children to feed,” he said. The minister also assured that he had paid for “many parcels of pasta” and that he knows the price. Which allows him to know “perfectly that the prices have become unbearable for the French”.

?️ “I know how unbearable” the increase in food prices “has become for the French”, he explains @BrunoLeMaire who recalls “having a large family with four children to feed”

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However, this confrontation between his situation and that of most French families provoked a reaction from the opposition. “Bruno Le Maire, 10,000 euros net a month, suffers from the price of pasta. So what should the vast majority of French people say – 10 million of whom live below the poverty line. What a disconnect”, launched the Lfi deputy from Haute-Vienne Damien Maudet on Twitter.

“When you are privileged by life, moreover when you are a minister, be careful not to explain that you are experiencing the problems of daily life for the French. In addition to being a lie, it is indecent”, deplored her part the ecologist deputy of Hauts-de-Seine, Sabrina Sebaihi.

“Even workers who earn 9,940 euros a month can no longer feed their families and have to write books to make ends meet,” joked Farida Amrani, LFI deputy for Essonne.

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