How much do you have to earn to buy an 80m2 apartment in Toulouse?

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You need to earn €75,033 gross per year to be able to buy an 80m2 apartment in Toulouse according to the real estate site hellosafe. It is less than in Paris, Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, but more than in Montpellier, Nîmes or Perpignan.

What is the gross annual salary needed to buy an 80m² apartment in the 49 largest cities of France in 2023? This is the question answered by the hellosafe real estate website. According to this specialized site, today an annual gross salary of 75,033 euros is required to buy an apartment in Toulouse. This puts the Pink City at 20And ranking of the 49 largest cities in France.

223,000 euros requested for Paris

Paris is obviously out of the league with a required gross annual salary of around €223,000 to buy an 80m apartment2 in the capital. Followed by Boulogne-Billancourt (€180,000) or Versailles (€169,000).
You need to earn €109,000 gross per year to buy such a house in Aix-en-Provence, €105,000 in Nice or Lyon, almost €97,000 in Bordeaux and just over €77,000 in Marseille, large cities where real estate is even more expensive than in Toulouse.

Much higher than the national average

On the other hand, cities such as Montpellier (less than €72,000 gross per year required for such a purchase), Toulon (€65,000) or Grenoble (nearly €62,000) are less expensive for such a property purchase.
In the south, Nîmes (€48,000 needed to buy 80 m2) or Perpignan (€42,000) offer great opportunities. The main city where the purchase of such housing requires the lowest gross annual salary is Saint-Etienne with only €28,000 required.
€56,978: this is the average annual gross income needed in France to buy an 80m² apartment according to the specialized site hellosafe and €72,747 in the Haute-Garonne department.

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