Heavy. Burger King is coming to town

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The Burger King fast food chain was born in Lourdes. For the Municipality it is a sign of renewed attractiveness. But also an illustration of the city’s approach to looking for franchises.

“This demonstrates the attractiveness of the city”, rejoices Laurent Jubier, chief of staff of the mayor of the city of Lourdes. The fast food brand Burger King is establishing itself in the Marian city, avenue Alexandre-Marqui.

A project that will be like the shop opposite, Lidl, with “a more natural concept”, explains Julien Lemaître, elected head of Commerce, and which “will fit into the landscape”. The surface should be 500 m² and the building should see the light before the summer.

If the city is not at the origin of the arrival of the fast-food giant, it is asking to attract franchises, in which it sees commercial “locomotives” for the city. Julien Lemaître will thus be at the Paris franchise fair in a week’s time.

Franchise Fair

With in mind the sectors that are missing from the commercial offer of Lourdes: shoes, men’s and children’s clothing, toys… And a presentation brochure of the city under your arm, with all possible help for setting up a trade, specially designed for the show.

Laurent Jubier insists: “We think of Lourdes as a commercial center for the city, its valleys and even up to Nay. It is important to have a successful commercial offer if we want to avoid escapes to other municipalities”.

Julien Lemaître continues: “”We are not able to attract enough people from the valleys because we do not have enough locomotor signals. Burger King is one such brand. It’s a kind of place where young people like to meet. Families with children can also eat there before going to the Pax cinema». Also an opportunity for the chosen one to remember the installation of another franchise, Amorino, which will sell ice cream.

“I am the chosen one of all”

Therefore, it is not a question of contrasting the city center with the lower part of the city or the periphery. The “sacred union” worn during the municipal campaign is still current, underlines Julien Lemaître. Laurent Jubier adds: “We don’t play out of competition. We want all areas to be able to coexist, each with its specificities.” “I am the chosen one of all”, Julien Lemaître abounds.

An installation that “also reflects the work done by the mayor with the Plan Avenir Lourdes. But also that of the Department of Commerce on the support of traders. 26 companies have been accompanied and fifteen files are underway within the framework of stock 66.”

An action 66 which brings together the donors of Plan Avenir Lourdes: State, region, agglomeration community, city. The latter together offer financing for a resumption of activity, a restructuring and for everything related to the works and development. “The only thing we don’t finance is capital,” the city councilor points out.

Julien Lemaître continues: “There have been more openings than closures. I have not signed any bankruptcies. The trend is downwards for the vacancy rate”.

And he concludes: “It also allows the inhabitants to be relocated. This type of activity creates delayed employment that seeks small contracts”.

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