Heavy. “Brins de filles”: the fabric in all its forms

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Rue de la cave, the “brins de filles” workshop-boutique, welcomes you. A place of fabric craftsmanship founded by Christelle Raimondeau, open to all.

Crossing the threshold, the explosion of color of the fabrics collides with the soothing aspect of the beige walls and wooden furniture. Inside, Christelle Raimondeau, creator of the workshop-boutique is ready to welcome you.

The principle is simple: designer of fabrics, Christelle sells her creations of handcrafted bags and accessories, but she has also made her workshop-boutique an entire space for the discovery of fabric.

“I offer something different, I create my own style” confirms Christelle. On her shelves, her creations are just waiting to be bought. Bags, toothbrush holders, kits, clutches… there’s something for all tastes. “I use leather, coated cotton, fabrics, imitation leather…” explains the designer. Right now the fashion is in flowers: “It’s summer, and very feminine, customers appreciate it!”.

But Christelle’s workshop isn’t just hers. It is also open to you. “I also do free lessons, by reservation, individual or in groups”.

Open to all, Wednesday or Saturday afternoon depending on the participants. They are offered for beginners at a price of 25 euros for 2h30, including machines and supplies. There is also a course open to non-beginners at 10 euros an hour.

More original, a “sewing bar” also offers the possibility for insiders to come and use the self-service sewing machines: “this week a customer came for that, I will rent the machine to use it freely on site”.

A passionate story

Holder of a vocational baccalaureate in industry and clothing, Christelle worked for almost ten years in the production of ready-to-wear. She then launched her own business with the “brins de filles” launched in 2011. “It was a year in which I trained, I did many things, so I said to myself: why not?”, before continuing, “at first I did the craft markets, on the Vendée coast”. In 2015 you participate in the Salon des Métiers d’Arts in Nantes.

After spending time in several pop-up shops, she set up her studio-boutique in Nantes in 2019. In 2023 she decided to settle in Lourdes “for the climate and the mountains”. The opportunity to continue his activity in the Marian city. “I continue to produce, while receiving from the public” exults the designer.

You can find more information and information from Christelle on the boutique’s website: www.brinsdefilles.com.

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