Heat wave: “It was unbearable, 41° in Rome! “, adults suffocate on vacation

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Rome, Florence, Malta… With the heat wave, these Agenais who have gone abroad for holidays face unbearable temperatures. they testify.

Over the past week, global temperatures have skyrocketed. Intense heat waves are being felt all over the world. Up to 52C on Sunday in China, 51C on Saturday in California’s Death Valley, 41C in Greece…
Currently in the midst of the tourist season, many travelers are suffering from the heat wave. These Agenais gone abroad testify.

Italy is burning

“It was between 39° and 42° all week,” says Léo Sansot, currently in Tuscany with his wife and a couple of friends. ” It’s complicated. The heat is suffocating and it’s difficult to travel great distances”. The group is therefore forced to adapt. “We get up early in the morning and visit until 11am. The afternoon is a siesta and rest. We go out in the evening when the temperatures drop,” says Léo.

Also in Italy, but in Rome, Julien Bergeon and his wife have adopted the same strategy. “It’s suffocating. Even if we don’t do anything, we stay in a park, we sweat. With the crowd, the traffic… We are lucky to be in Rome, but in these conditions it is not ideal,” he complains. Alexia also experiences the heat of Italy. “We have been in Venice since Sunday. Fire in the morning. We found a few tricks: air-conditioned restaurants, churches, beaches. We mistreat our land and this makes us feel good! “, denounces the traveler.

Julien and Ambre on holiday in Rome below 41°C.
Photo Julien Bergeon.

Alexia is with her children in Venice.

Alexia is with her children in Venice.
Photo Alessia.

“Scrap metal reaches 80°C”

Currently in Malta with her husband and their baby, Mathilde Badie is “disgusted”. “Since we arrived [vendredi dernier], is 41°C. This afternoon, a lady at a local restaurant told us she rarely saw him,” says Mathilde, still surprised by the temperature. “Instead of going back on Monday, we go back tomorrow because we have a baby and it’s complicated. We have to do indoor activities. Result, we had a schedule that we cannot even meet ”, regrets the Layracaise.

Tommaso is in Sicily. But unlike the others, he’s not on vacation. “I’ve been there for two weeks on business. We are building an iron pyramid identical to that of Giza», says Braxois. “The days are very hot… You have to go out very early in the morning and late in the evening. Scrap metal reaches temperatures around 80 degrees. We have to wear gloves because sometimes it’s 48 degrees. It’s very challenging. I take mister freezes to cool off but it’s complicated,” he says, hurrying back to Agen in September.

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