Heat wave: cinemas, museums, shops, follow the cool

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In Toulouse, to escape the scorching heat of recent days, residents are looking for places to cool off. Museum, cinema, church or shopping centre, each has its own advice for keeping calm.

Difficult to cool off in the city with the heat. On Tuesday, as the mercury approached 40 degrees, some Toulouse residents left their apartments to cool off in the city’s shops and museums. Some have even opted for a film session, as evidenced by the families and groups of leisure centers, who crowded from 10 in the morning in front of the Pathé Gaumont, in Place Wilson, in Toulouse. A mother, accompanied by her two little girls, takes a seat there to see the film “Elementare”. “We multiply indoor activities to find some freshness,” she explained. The tempting line-up of the next few days between Barbie, Oppenheimer or Indiana Jones allows you to have fun in dark rooms, away from the heat.

Museums to find something fresh

Meanwhile, others are turning to museums. Thus, in Saint-Raymond near Saint-Sernin, the site manager does not hesitate to invite visitors to come and refresh themselves during an exhibition: “Our museum is air-conditioned, which is quite pleasant to make the most of your visit. Plus, it’s free for minors.
Other museums in the city welcome children for free, a topic that with these high temperatures should appeal to many parents looking for freshness and culture for their offspring.
Head now to the Saint-Etienne cathedral where, early this morning, it is not the interior of the building with its thick walls but its adjoining green space that seduces visitors. “The garden is just as refreshing as the cathedral,” confirms this retiree who strolls the neighborhood regularly.
Finally, in this search for freshness, there are those who choose to do some shopping in air-conditioned shops. At Galeries Lafayette, sellers have observed this trend. “Even if we turn down the air conditioning, customers still come in to cool off. What can also play is that we have installed water fountains, “says the security guard. A few steps away, at the Monoprix, a curly-haired mother explains that in the heat she changes her habits. “I shop early in the morning or late in the evening. I have a rather bizarre life.

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