He installs a completely demountable swimming pool, the taxes ask him to pay the taxes

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While installing a fully collapsible swimming pool in his garden three months of the year, a resident is summoned by his tax office to declare it.

Bad news for a resident of a small Oise village. While every summer, since 2021, he has installed a swimming pool in his garden, last month he received an email from the taxman informing him that it was subject to automatic detection, and that he had to declare it, he reports The Parisian. And therefore pay more property taxes.

If the above ground pool is imposing, 10m by 5m by 1.30m high, “it’s a removable pool”, defends this inhabitant. It is therefore installed only three months a year, without being fixed to the ground, and stored the rest of the year in its garage.

“Moreover, my wife and I had informed ourselves beforehand and we had chosen this model because there was no taxation (…) On the Manage my real estate service, on the tax website, a small text reminds us that only fixed pools are affected”, he justifies himself to our colleagues.

However, the taxman points out “the existence of a concrete slab on which the pool is installed”. “But the slab already existed and I can also put the swimming pool on the side of the house, explains l’Isarien. In winter I need the slab above all to store firewood”.

Having not yet made the declaration, the owner has just received a reminder to comply within thirty days.

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